Weight loss update

I’m making steady progress.  If you look at my weight today and my weight 3 weeks ago when I started this, I’ve lost 5 lbs.  I really think it’s closer to 3 as my weight bounces around a fair amount.  Basically, my daily weight bounces up and down, but has been on a downward trend.  Here’s the chart:

chart_1 (1)


While the changes aren’t that exciting (a statistician would probably deem this not significant), it definitely feels like a downward trend to me.  The dips are lower and the bump up is also lower.  I dipped below 120 for the first time in ages.  Despite its ups and downs, I like the feedback from weighing every day.  The big jump ups I can usually predict (after July 4th, after a conference), so I don’t get too discouraged.

All I’ve really done is keep track of my calories (keeping it under a certain amount) and added in activity every day.  I’ve mostly eliminated sugar (desserts and soda), substituting sugar free drinks (Crystal Light) or water and fruit.  My activities have included walking, bicycling, gardening, and swimming.  If I can move around to make something happen, that’s what I do.

I’m crossing my fingers I can lose 5 more pounds before school starts. Then, I think I’ll be in good shape to maintain my weight from there.

Activity and Empty Calories

As a techie person, I spend a lot of time in front of a screen, sitting in front of a screen.  Inertia sets in and it gets hard to get up an move.  When I’m teaching, there are plenty of times when I’m not sitting, but still, a lot of my work is very sedentary.  This summer, I’m trying to set better habits that I hope will continue once the school year starts.  As I’ve mentioned before, technology has been a help, particularly Lose It! where I track my calories and activity.  I get bored easily (it’s one reason I love working in both education and computing: never boring!!), so I have to change up my activity or I just won’t do it.  I love being outside, so I keep an eye on the weather and aim for getting outside.  So far, I’ve mostly been walking a couple of miles most days.  I got bored with that (since I generally follow the same route).  So lately, I’ve been gardening for an hour or so, which is still quite a workout.  I also washed the car and walked to the Farmer’s Market. I even transplanted a shrub yesterday!  Today, I have more gardening planned if the rain lets up.  Otherwise, I’ll walk in the rain.  Basically, if 4 o’clock rolls around and I haven’t done anything, I head out for a walk.

The other way technology has helped is to see not only how many calories I’m consuming, but what they are.  This has allowed me to really visualize the empty calories I consume: oil, mayonnaise, soda, cream, etc.  I’ve also been trying to watch the carbs.  Yesterday, we had sandwiches and mac and cheese for dinner.  I skipped the mac and cheese and opted for a salad.  It’s still hard to keep the carbs down.

I have seen some very minor progress so far, but hopefully the longer I keep at it, the more progress I’ll see.

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Random Thoughts on Random Topics


  • Really irked about the FCC’s “Net Neutrality” ruling.  I think one of the side effects of the ubiquity of computing has been a slide into complacency among users.  Mr. Geeky thinks an alternate Internet will pop up.  I’m not so sure.  Yet another reason why I think delving into the more technical issues of computing is important.
  • Delicious‘ demise.  Unfounded or not, I think I will have to move my bookmarks.  This won’t be the first time.  Way back in the dark ages of the Internet, I used Furl, which in some ways was a superior product.  It actually saved pdf’s of your links.  No link ever went dead.  I moved to Delicious out of a need for more social aspects–there were more people there.  I still haven’t decided where to go.  I’ve never been a fan of Diigo.  It’s too busy.  Suggestions welcome.
  • Blogging.  Feeling very blah about it.  Of course, many folks are not blogging at the moment because of the holidays.  Ironic, since this is the very time I have to read and write.  Oh well.  I’ll keep plugging away for a while, but who knows how long it will last.
  • Gaming. I deactivated my WoW account.  Which makes me kind of sad, but it doesn’t make sense to pay 14.95/month for something I don’t use.  I might step back in over the summer, but I don’t see having time to game during the school year.  Plus I have to get the new expansion.  Too many hurdles.  I definitely miss my guildmates, though.

The Holidays

  • Whenever I think I’m done, I realize I have one more thing to do.  Sigh.  I’m hoping to get everything absolutely completely done today.
  • Gifts.  We’ve tried to scale back this year, and have been mostly successful.  There will be no Santa this year for the first time ever.  Last year was the first year Geeky Girl didn’t believe, but we still did the whole putting gifts out thing.  This year, by the Geeky Kids’ request, we’re just doing stockings from “Santa”.  Everything else is from a real person.
  • Food.  The kids also requested I not do anything complicated for Christmas Eve dinner because they want to spend time with me.  Which I think is probably the sweetest thing ever.  My kids are totally awesome.  So, we’re keeping it simple.  Ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, maybe a salad.  The dessert will be made the day before.


  • I downloaded LoseIt at Jody’s suggestion and so far, I love it.
  • I haven’t done a huge amount of exercise over the last couple of days (mostly walking the dog and doing housework), but knowing I can eat a snack if I do something for 1/2 hour is pretty motivating.
  • I replaced the batteries in my Wii Balance Board, so I’m ready to rock some Wii Fit.  I have a real aversion to cold weather.
  • I’m planning to pretty much blow my calories out on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but who knows, maybe it won’t be so bad.
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Worry about weight, again

Let’s move on to other important issues, shall we?  Like weight.  I am once again frustrated by my having a few extra pounds.  The sad thing is my frustration stems from pure vanity.  I no longer have my 20-year old metabolism and therefore, no longer have my 20-year old body.  I consoled myself by sitting down with a bag of Fritos and french onion dip.  Aside from that occasional treat, my eating habits are pretty good.  And I don’t think there’d be much to gain just from my cutting a few calories here and there.  Plus, I really like food, and having to count every bit of it depresses me.  But I’m not countering those extra calories with the extra exercise.

I’m just a few days away from the 60-mile walk, which for me was supposed to achieve two goals.  One, it was supposed to contribute to a cause and connect me with my late stepmother.  That goal was mostly achieved, except I do wish my stepmother could have made it to this day.  But two, I thought that having a higher goal like that would motivate me to do more exercise.  But no.  I’m not entirely sure how well prepared I am for the walk.  Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was walking 7-8 miles a couple of times a week.  But I only managed a 3 mile walk this weekend and I don’t think I’ll have time to walk much more than that before the walk.  I find walking to be pleasant enough–even the longish ones–but I am sooo aware that I’m doing it to “exercise” not because there’s scenery I want to see.  I’m looking forward to this walk being over because I won’t feel like I *have* to walk or feel guilty if I don’t manage to walk.  Which is just a sad sad thing.

Part of me wants to just chalk this up to being 40-something, eat at will, and be done with it.  Another part of me wants to not be squeezing into pants and feeling disgusted when I look in the mirror while trying on clothes.  And still another part worries that if I do eat at will, and don’t exercise, I’ll end up not 10-15 pounds more heavy than I would like, but more like 30 pounds more heavy.  And then, sigh.  I think I need to find a hobby that burns some calories but doesn’t feel like exercise.  And I can’t do it alone.  That’s one thing I’ve realized about walking.  I didn’t like doing it by myself.  I should have reached out to my teammates more and scheduled walking time.  I tried to get the family to join me, but not much luck there.  And of course, winter is upon us, so outdoor activities might be limited.  Suggestions appreciated.  Commiseration welcome.

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