Project 365 Month 1

So far, so good.  I’ve taken at least one picture a day for the last 31 days.  Some days I do take one just for the project, but some days I just take photos and pick one.  The Daily Shoot is a big help with ideas for taking photos.  It helps me keep my eyes open for interesting things.  I don’t always do the suggested photo, but some days I need the inspiration.

1. Day 1: Dog tired, 2. Day 2: A Room with a View, 3. Day 3: Robot Greeter, 4. Day 4: Morning Sky, 5. Day 5: Faculty Lounge Mugs, 6. Day 6: Watching Priscilla Ahn, 7. Day 7: Morning snowfall, 8. Day 8: Scarf, 9. Day 9: In the shadows, 10. Day 10: Ukulele Rhythm, 11. Day 11: Mason Jar of Oil, 12. Day 12: Bow, 13. Day 13: Tags, 14. Day 14: Dog vs. Rope, 15. Day 15: Reading, 16. Day 16: Blue Sky through the Window, 17. Day 17: Fuzz Head, 18. Day 18: Triangles, 19. Day 19: Funky Moon Shot, 20. Day 20: Dog feet from below, 21. Day 21: Path in Black & White, 22. Day 22: Sunset in Boston, 23. Day 23: Light-up Wall, 24. Day 24: Just the shadows, 25. Day 25: Plug n Play, 26. Day 26: Home is where your hat is, 27. Day 27: Many Mini Snowpeople, 28. Day 28: Red Door, 29. Day 29: Beginning the Conversation, 30. Day 30: Long shadow, 31. Day 31: Downstairs repetition

I really like the first photo of the year. And another favorite is Funky Moon Shot. Click the links to see up close.

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Project 365 rides again

I’ve jumped into the action again.  My camera disappeared a couple of years ago and I got a replacement for Christmas.  It’s purple and everything.  Here are my pics so far.

A picture a day

The blog has been wonky. Half of the previous post disappeared. And the bar across the top was gone earlier too. Very odd.

Anyway, I’ve been doing project 365 again this year. I’ve made it much further than I did last year but not as far as the year before. I’ve missed about 5 days out of the 104 we’ve had so far, most of that in the last week or so, thanks to illness, visits from relatives, and plain old forgetfulness. I need to come up with ideas to keep me going on days like today when it’s cold and wet and rainy outside and I’m stuck in front of the computer all day. I will say that it does make you get up and get out sometimes and makes you look at the world differently. So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I make it through this year.

It will all work out

Day 44: It will all work out
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This has been a week when I’ve needed to repeat this phrase to myself over and over again. Both of the kids got the flu. There was ice and snow. There was lots of work to get done. There has been no food in the house. It’s times like these when you realize that you’re just barely keeping all those balls in the air. It’s not that disaster strikes or that the world fell apart, but you know you’re not playing your A game. I handle stress okay, but I much prefer for things to be running more smoothly. I know people who thrive on being right on the edge of overwhelmed. I can do that for a day or two, but long term, no thanks. I’m hoping the sanitary napkin bag prophecy turns out to be true because FSM knows I could use a break.

I need to get out more

Doing my project 365 has been more challenging than I thought. Often, I get to the end of a day and realize I haven’t taken a single picture. When I think back over the day, I don’t think of great photo opportunities I’ve missed. Partly that’s because I tend to go to work, sit at my desk all day (broken up by a few meetings), and go home. I don’t do very different things each day. I don’t pass by different things. Since the weather has been kind of yucky until recently, I haven’t gotten out much on the weekends either. I’m hoping that once the weather improves I’ll do more and see some different sights. Right now, I feel like the most boring person on earth.

On documenting a life in photos

Freeing the bird
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I didn’t do a retrospective on my project 365 like some others did, but I was just explaining to some people yesterday how different it is for me to be taking pictures rather than capturing my life in text. I’ve always been observant, but then I usually try to translate what I see into words. It’s amazing how much control you have over a vision when you can frame it however you want with the right words. I’m still learning how to achieve the same thing using a camera. I have a new respect for those who are good at using an image to convey meaning. Many times, there’s only a split second to capture the look on someone’s face or a particular cast of light.

When I was in Tempe, my team was working on our presentation and I didn’t have anything to do, so I began taking pictures of everyone working. Some of those shots are some of my favorite photos. Sometimes, too, I’ll get to the end of a day and I haven’t taken a photo and I’ll think, “What was my day like and what image would represent that?” That’s how I’ve ended up with a keyboard shot, an iPod, and a to-do list. It’s interesting to think about the day in those terms. Rather than writing a journal entry or riffing off an article or a blog post, I have to capture a day using color, light, and focus. And I sometimes start to see things differently. I can see the places or people I see every day differently or I’ll look an new places more closely.

We’re only 44 days in. There’s still so much more to go, so many more things to capture. I will say that I’m really glad I’m doing this. It’s giving me a new perspective on the world.