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Lessons for Girls 7: It’s okay if not everyone likes you

Laura/ May 11, 2009

Historiann and Dr. Crazy and others have started this meme, and it’s a perfect meme to follow up on Mother’s Day. My lesson is about the striving to be liked that starts, I think, way too early. I spent this weekend going to a school fair and then to a soccer game, where I had the opportunity to watch my

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Mean Girls Start Early

Laura/ January 9, 2007

For the last few weeks, Geeky Girl has been dealing with a mean girl who also happens to be her best friend. Now we’ve never been particularly fond of the best friend. She’s kind of bossy and whiny, but we wouldn’t have put her in the mean girl category. At the parent-teacher conference in early December, however, Geeky Girl’s teacher

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