Maker Faire, Here I Come

I’m headed to my first ever Maker Faire tomorrow morning, bright and early.  Despite having just returned from a 3-day-long field trip today, I’m getting up before 6 a.m. and heading to NYC. I’m very excited to be going and even participating in the Tales from the Front Lines panel organized by Jaymes Dec. I’m just beginning my official venture into making.  Looking back, I feel like I’ve approached both my learning and my teaching from a Maker point of view.  When studying English, I liked to sit in the library stacks, exploring call numbers near books I had found in the card catalog in a kind of analog version of doing a Google search.  I learned to build web sites and code at first by just trying stuff and seeing what worked.  Working with physical objects is new to me, but I’m enjoying learning.

One of the things I like about the Maker movement is that learning new things is always part of the equation.  People are expected to always be learning and trying new things.  While there are always more experienced folks around, there’s really no such thing as an expert.  That’s because everyone is building their own thing.

I’m looking forward to learning at tomorrow’s Faire and seeing some really cool things in action.  I can’t wait to visit robots, see some cool 3D prints, and have some fun.

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