Fun Friday Distractions

I was going to post something all serious, but I think Fridays should be fun. In my job, I reserve Fridays for doing research and exploring new things and when I was teaching, Friday was the day I tried to learn some new technology. Fridays can also drag a bit and sometimes you need a little break. I’ve just discovered that one of my favorite games and one of the first games that was online, iirc, is online again. It’s smart and clever and often totally hilarious. If you like the online version, I seriously recommend the CD versions. That’s how we got hooked the first time. So, here’s a sampling for fun on your Friday:

Time Travel back to 1983

Vantage Point before Show Last night, I transported myself back to 1983 by attending The Police concert. I dragged along a recent grad, who wasn’t even born in 1983. I didn’t feel *too* old while there. It was a fun concert. They played much of what one would expect: “Roxanne,” “Every Breath You Take,” “Don’t Stand So Close,” “Message in a Bottle,” and “Da Do Do Do.” I haven’t been listening to The Police very much in the years between attending the Synchronicity concert and this one, so I’d forgotten some of the songs like “All I Want is To be Next to You.” We had, as you can see, pretty good seats–high up but centered. We had a great view of the city, too (which you can’t see in this picture).

Light showI have to say, I was impressed that they didn’t sound like has beens. Sting was, quite frankly, pretty buff. And his voice was good too. Andy Summers did some nice guitar work and Stewart Copeland showed off some excellent drumming. I have vague memories of the 1983 concert. My recollection is that is was in Knoxville and that I had to take the SATs the next day, but I can’t remember. I also think my view was blocked. I rank this concert higher than that one. I could drink beer legally. I could see. I sang really loud. All I gotta say is LLA, you’re gonna love it. And, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a couple of grainy videos.

It’s my birthday, so I get to be queen

LLA* from Bad Fortune Cookie sent me a lovely tiara for my birthday. I have no idea if I’m wearing it correctly–not being a beauty queen in real life, but for what it’s worth, here I am. The card that came with it was funny. It had two little girls with purses on the front and it said “and in their purses were candy bars. How happy were they?” It reminded me of when we were in high school and we’d go driving in the snow. We’d always make sure we had provisions in case we got stuck. The provisions were usually hershey bars.

I’m hanging out by myself right now. My kids and hubby are out shopping for me. Yay! It’s actually sleeting here and the kids got out from school early. I took the day off–for my birthday–but then they sent everyone home at noon anyway. Crazy! I think it’s going to be a low-key day. Just with a tiara.

*For those of you who don’t know, we went to elementary school and high school together, but not middle school.


Paul Simon

Mr. Geeky and I spent last evening at a Paul Simon concert. It was pretty fun. We had decent seats and until the very end, there was no one in front of me so I had a great view. People were actually dancing in the aisles. We were decidedly not among the oldest there, as one might expect, but neither were we the youngest. Paul played for 2 hours, which included 4 encores. We heard a lot of old stuff, some new stuff and some stuff in between. I last saw Paul in concert nearly 10 years ago, in 1989 in Paris. I was very close to the front then, in the mosh pit (if one can have such a thing at a Paul Simon concert). It featured mostly songs from Graceland and I pretty much liked every song on that album. To date ourselves, Mr. Geeky says he listened to an earlier album throughout college, either Still Crazy or Greatest Hits. It was a good night out, even if it made getting up this morning a little more difficult.

Our next concert plan is one with the kids (who actually wanted to go to this one). They Might Be Giants is doing a kid show in Philly and we’re planning to go. Should be loads of fun.