Fri–I mean–Wednesday Tabs

I need to capture my tabs.  There’s 64 of them.  That’s what my week has — already — been like. 🙂  I’ve subtracted a handful of personal things and there’s still a lot left.

School Events | The Hour of Code 2013
Luidia Inc.: Interactive Technology
eBeam Edge Wireless with Capture Pack – eBeam Online Store
adafruit/Adafruit-Tweet-Receipt · GitHub
Back To School
Arduino LCD Twitter display : Firmware
Moving Forward with Arduino – Chapter 30 – twitter
Twitter Library for Arduino | Different Insight
Arduino Playground – Twitter Library
Arduino Ethernet Board: Arduino Twitter Library
Squishy Circuits Kits
Success in Introductory Programming: What Works? | Computing Education Blog
One reason we have so much engineering and so little computer science taught at US high schools. | ACM Inroads
Films For Action: Watch the Best Social Change Documentaries Ever Made
Listen Edition
Computer Science Teachers Association: Critical Questions for CS Education Research
‘The App Generation,’ by Howard Gardner and Katie Davis – – Robot Toys Teach Tots To Program Code
Nanoogo – Home of the Most Creative Kids on the Planet
Holdings: The women of summer
Father builds prosthetic hand for son with 3-D printer after watching online DIY video | Mail Online
Arduino Playground – Twitter Library
Tweet Library for Arduino
thingm :: an electronic product studio: Quick Start Guide
OmNomNom Creator by jetty – Thingiverse – OmNomNom Creator converts 2D images to 3D for 3D printing | 3D Printing news
Being on (the) edge | Geeky Mom
Coursera course on CS linear algebra using Python – Google Groups
Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications | Coursera
openscad – Google Search
thingm :: an electronic product studio: Quick Start Guide
RGB Color Codes Chart
blinkm wiring – Google Search
MinM – Miniature BlinkM – DEV-09904 – SparkFun Electronics
thingm :: an electronic product studio: Quick Start Guide
Arduino Mood Lamp Using BlinkM
Using an FSR | Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) | Adafruit Learning System
Makerbot Curriculum :: Computer Science

Friday Tabs: What a Week!

I have a post brewing about my crazy life right now.  In the meantime, here’s what’s open on my computer.  Many of these are things I need to deal with.

Friday Tabs: Back to School Edition

An interesting list.  I’m leaving up even the documents you won’t be able to get to.  This is the smallest list I’ve had in a while.  My colleagues routinely make fun of me for my millions of tabs.  This has been a truly successful week. Busy as all get out.  And today will be busy, too, but I got a ton accomplished.  I gained a student in intro.  I had giggling in Physical Computing.  I had colleagues and students excited about our new LMS.  Like seriously, excited.  It’s Haiku Learning, if you’re interested.  So far, so good.  Next week will be a full week, so I’ll be exhausted.  But hey, that’s what beginnings of the year are supposed to be like!

Friday Tabs: Way Late

The day got away from me, thanks to both work and personal responsibilities.  But here are some of the things on my radar right now.

I didn’t include the many documents I have open–syllabi, letters, schedules, etc.  Yes, the school year is coming!

Friday Tabs: Randomness abounds

I have no idea what’s in my tabs this week.  I’ve been doing some work.  I’ve been playing.  I’ve left tabs open for several weeks.  It’s summer, what can I say?  Some of these first ones are productivity-related.

  • Gmail
  • (2) Communities – Google+
  • Google Calendar
  • My Drive – Google Drive
    • schedule2013-14 – Google Drive (sorting out when I teach what)

Friday Tabs: Summer Learning Edition

A ton of good Computer Science-y stuff today!  You can see what I’ve been thinking about, looking at, etc. over the last week.

Friday Tabs: Summer Edition

I think this is a record: only 17 tabs! And many of them are just for fun!

You can see the last 3 or 4 (except for the PA code of grad requirements) involve vacation planning. 🙂  We leave in a week.  I may or may not take my computer.

Friday Tabs: End of school edition

In addition to the tabs below, I have syllabi and lesson plans open (for curriculum mapping).  I have gradebooks and cms systems open.  I’m actually using two computers to get everything done.  Crazy!


Friday Tabs

I have to say, I find these lists kind of fascinating.  It’s kind of like seeing what I’ve been thinking about over the course of a week.  There are certainly things that stay open for more than a week, but generally, I collect slightly different things each week.  It’s clear the Internet is one big research library for me.

Friday Tabs

This weeks tabs.  I’m sort of amazed that there are only one or two duplicates.  That’s a little scary.