Update 12: Books a Million

FYI: I think soon I will drop the update numbers.  I plan, hopefully, many updates as I approach the school year and into the school year.

As two academics, we have a lot of books in our house.  Plus our kids have a lot of books.  We generally like them.  But we’re running out of space to keep.  Frankly, many of the books we have are not ones we need or want to keep.  But there’s that whole social thing about books–you know, it’s like decor.  It says something about who you are.  Which would be true for us except none of our books are in places that any guest can see.  So I’ve been purging.  I posted a few on Paperback Swap.  I sold a couple on Ebay, where the money went directly to my walk.  And now I have a few listed on Half.com.  I think I’m going to list another stack on Ebay before moving it over to Half.com.  I need to do more purging.

Because we don’t have a lot of space but because we really like books, I’ve been considering an e-reader.  I have issues with all of them.  With my physical books at least, I can give away or sell my books when I’m done with them.  Granted, I’m not going to make a ton of money (and that’s not the goal in getting rid of books for most people), but I can do with them what I want when I’m done reading them.  I often give good books to friends or family.  With e-books, that’s not possible.  The Nook, Barnes & Noble’s e-reader, however, is testing out a loan program.  Of course, your friend has to have a Nook.  I don’t know anyone with a Nook.  I probably buy as many books at the physical book stores around town as I do through Amazon, so I kind of hate the idea that I’d be tied to a particular retailer.  What if a book I want isn’t available via whichever e-reader I’ve committed to?  I have a tendency to go with the underdog, but how much would it suck if the e-reader service went belly up.  I’d have a $200 paperweight.

And then there’s the iPad option, which I’m even less fond of.  Mr. Geeky has one and I’ve played with it.  While it’s certainly slick, I can’t imagine using it primarily as an e-reader.  Each book is an app.  The whole page turning thing is just a little too fancy.  And I already have an iPhone.  Who needs a larger version?  I have a laptop and a desktop.  I just can’t see that an iPad would do anything that I can’t currently do with one of those.  And as a reader, bleh.

Still, I might invest in one soon.  Something about going through all these books physically has made me tired of having them around.

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