Two Restaurants and a Farm, and a Gracie update

That’s what I’m virtually managing right now, thanks to Facebook.  One of my former students posted on my wall, “Please stop getting me addicted to these Facebook games!”  I have not been much of a Facebook person even though I’ve had an account for six years.  I actually started playing the games to give Geeky Girl something to do on a snow day.  And now I have two restaurants and a farm.  I’ve also discovered that people who post a lot in Facebook aren’t usually the ones playing the games and people that I never thought are playing Facebook games.  I know, because most of the games require you to share stuff with friends in order to move up the ladder.

One thing that’s kind of nice about the games is that you can spend ten minutes doing a few things and then come back in a few hours to see what’s going on.  There’s no need to “play” constantly; it’s more like maintenance.  But, I can see where these games will get old after a while.  They have been a better distraction than tv.

Meanwhile, on the Gracie front, we’ve decided she’s part prairie dog.  She looks like she’s always on the lookout, even to the point of occasionally standing on her hind legs.  When she’s not on the lookout, she’s asleep.  She is extremely mellow and will sleep in our laps, on a towel, or of course, in our bed.  We’re pretty much past any house training issues.  She had one incident a couple of nights ago, but has been fine ever since.  And I took her on her first ever walk with the Gentle Leader.  It worked pretty well.  She didn’t like it for the first five minutes, but after that, she quit pulling.  I’m sure it will take a couple of weeks to get her to maintain that regularly.  And I need to slow down her pace a bit.  She practically sprints.  It’s really more of a prance.  The biggest issue now is getting her and the cat acclimated to each other.  I’d welcome suggestions.