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Happy CS Ed Week!

Laura/ December 8, 2014

Today kicks off the annual celebration of Computer Science known as Computer Science Education Week.  In honor of the week, I made cupcakes (in binary of course). Tomorrow, we’re hosting an Hour of Code event.  Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll be having a guest speaker Skype in to my CS classes. Also on Thursday, I’ll be running a faculty workshop on

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So, Computer Science Education Week, Huh?

Laura/ December 12, 2013

There’s nothing like CS Ed Week and a snow day to snap you out of a funk.  I still have all those issues I mentioned in my last post, but they’re dissipating a bit, and I will have a chance to get back on track after winter break.  So here’s what happened this week so far. My students were the

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CS Ed Week Begins

Laura/ December 6, 2011

Yesterday I kicked off CS Ed Week by bringing in two hip Computer Science-y women to talk to our high school students.  Kimberly Blessing and Lindsay Lindstrom joined us to talk about why they like Computer Science and what they do.  They also showed off some resources for students who are interested in learning about CS, but who may not

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Reboot . . .

Laura/ December 6, 2010

Almost a month since my last post–whoa!  Over the last few days, I considered closing up shop.  I barely have time to read blogs anymore much less write in one.  But, like Janet, I do find writing here when I can useful.  I have a ton of things to reflect on and talk about.  Here are just some bullets of

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