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Why teaching not coding

Laura/ January 15, 2015

Every once in a while someone asks me why I’m not a professional programmer.  I think they wonder why the heck I wouldn’t want to get paid six figures. It’s a long story, of sorts, which makes me have to confess I have no CS degree (which wouldn’t preclude me from being a professional programmer, but always feels weird to

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Limited success

Laura/ July 24, 2014

The jump start mostly worked.  I started by trying to fix my light-up origami garden.  I checked my connections, ran to radio shack for some batteries, but still nothing.  I lack a multimeter at home, so I can’t tell if current is actually circulating, which would mean that I just need more power, or if there’s no current getting to

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CSTA: Learning, Programming, and Making

Laura/ July 17, 2014

The closing keynote at CSTA was by Michael Kölling, creator of Greenfoot and BlueJ.  The gist of his talk was that learning to program is not the same as being a professional programmer and the tools one uses for each should be different. In fact, he said that the tools you need to learn are the opposite are what you

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Coding is a fad

Laura/ May 29, 2014

Sigh.  Let me just first refer you to this.  Back? Okay.  So here’s the latest (original here; comments in both locations are worth reading) “we shouldn’t teach coding” diatribe. I think our issue isn’t should we, but how should we.  There are some important points raised in this post and in Mark Guzdial’s recent post along the same lines.  First, coding/programming/CS courses

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Remember Daily Coding?

Laura/ September 30, 2013

So I fell off the daily coding wagon.  This is my usual mode of operation.  It takes a few tries before a habit will stick.  The beginning of the school year is a hard time to start and/or keep a habit.  The schedule isn’t normal; there are many evening obligations; and one is generally mentally and physically exhausted.  But this

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Daily Coding

Laura/ July 25, 2013

This morning, I ran into this blog post about a women who decided to learn to code by coding every. single. day.  She also decided to be publicly accountable and is pushing all of her code to GitHub.  It’s very impressive.  There are some great lessons in her post about learning to code that I think every person who wants

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Women and Coding

Laura/ March 29, 2012

I’ve been meaning to write for a while now, but I’m on break, and I basically refuse to use my brain.  Actually, there’s more to it than that, which I’ll get to in a minute. Over the break, I ran into a couple of articles about Digital Humanities and coding, both by women.  They both address issues with exhorting women

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