Coding Day 11: It goes to 11!

Actually, that’s a pretty good title for today’s coding experiment.  I’m dealing with scale and how far things should go to.  I need to deploy some clever min and max functions to make my graph really nice looking and, quite frankly, to abstract it out from this particular case.

I might have to use (gasp) recursion.  I have a function that draws a very nice line, but the way I have it written, it’s currently not working for both of the lines I need to draw.  I’m getting and index out of range error.  Again to use the “goes to 11” analogy, a list will only go so far and if you go past it, unlike in Spinal Tap, the music doesn’t just get louder, the program crashes. There’s a recursive way to go through a list until the end that I think I need to deploy, but I can’t remember how to do it.

Mr. Geeky was leaning over my shoulder, asking me if I wanted help. Sometimes I do, but right now, I think it’s important to wrestle with this stuff myself.  It’s in the wrestling that you learn something.  So I’ll wrestle some more.  I’m having fun trying to sort this out.  Just enough of a challenge to be worth wrestling with, but not so hard that I can’t see the end in sight.

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