Welcome to my humble virtual abode.  My old blog is at http://geekymom.blogspot.com, but I’ve imported everything here, too.

The Geeky comes from my affinity for technology, especially blogging and other social software, video games, mobile devices, and more.  The Mom is self-explanatory.

I’ve been blogging for about 10 years.  In that time, I’ve been through a couple of elections, and a couple of jobs.  Currently, I am the Computer Science Chair at The Baldwin School, a K-12 all-girls’ school in the Philadelphia suburbs.  I teach technology and computer science in grades 6-12, and I also support the faculty in their use of technology.  I’m building a brand new Computer Science program at Baldwin, and am loving every minute of it!  In the past I’ve worked as an independent consultant in the educational technology field, Instructional Technologist at Bryn Mawr College, and college-level teacher at many places, often teaching interdisciplinary courses that combine technology and humanities.   Of course, I also take care of my two kids, Geeky Girl and Geeky Boy, ages 15 and 19.  They’re a joy to be with right now and I enjoy my time with them immensely.

I welcome all comers to this here blog.  I know not everyone who reads here agrees with everything I say.  I welcome different voices as long as everyone remains civil.

Contact me at lblanken {at} gmail {dot} com.

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  1. Hello Geeky Mom.

    It was a pleasant surprise to find your blog today. I have subscribed and listed you in the blogs I follow.

    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you thank you for what you do, and to offer you some encouragement. I enjoy hearing the perspective of other fellow geeky parents and look forward to your future posts. I hope that I can send a meager amount of traffic your way too.


    I recently began to dabble a bit into programming. I would say that I am just learning to crawl in the sandbox, but it has been a fun journey. I am a dad to a 4 and a 5 year old, but they are already turning into quite the little techs. Ironically they, like your daughter, enjoy Minecraft. We even do a little web show that should be rebooted soon, starting with some shared journeys together on Minecraft. (And we are family safe, no cursing or anything your mom would be embarrassed by)

    After that long ramble, let me just say that I appreciate your voice out there in cyberspace. Keep inspiring and reaching.


    PS: Based on some of the previous replies, I apologize that I have no products for you to promote. I guess you will just have to be stuck with the encouragement only.


  2. I’m a geeky English teacher, judged so for my extreme love of reading in any format (which I do not get-English Teacher, duh), my love of all things tech, and teenagers. I love your blog. So pleased to see you are in Philly-I’m in Wilmington, DE.

  3. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and learnings. Am a former teacher and admin in independent schools and worked in several all-girls’ schools over the years. Am a big fan. Please tell your Head, Sally, I said hello.

    Cheers and Happy Summer!

  4. I met you at ISTE a few days ago. I am principal of a K-5 title1 school. We are expanding our “Maker Space” to include aircraft. Can you tell me where you purchase you parts for the mini-drones?

    Here’s a few projects we do:

    Helium balloon launches requiring a payload to parachute to earth. We buy 36 inch balloons from party city. They use tissue paper, trash bags, string, tape and glue. They love it. Tons of math and science in it.

    The other is Hovercraft using fans from old computers. They use tape, trash bags, foam project board, computer fans and 9v batteries.

    Thanks for any assistance. It was a pleasure meeting you,

  5. Hello Laura,

    this post is one of the most genuine posts. I have been teaching and building computing curriculum for the k-12 for over 15 years now. I have, as most of the CS teachers at schools the same concerns. I think i have figured out some philosophy and implementation that is finally seems to work though…
    Have great day

  6. Hello Geeky Mom,

    I enjoy reading your posts, and the one about the use of laptops in classrooms offered some insightful perspective on the role of teachers and the use of technology in the classroom. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  7. I’m a ” mature” geek (39 years old 24 years with IT, and absolutely a sucker for epic fantasy,comics and sci-fi) but quite new mum (my oldest is 4, my youngest is 1) I’ve been thinking of opening a blog about my struggle to keep up with technology and avengers movies (so to speak) while I stay at home -as I decided- for their preschool years. I was thinking in naming it GeekyMommy and out of curiosity I Googled it and I found your blog. Is it ok for you if I use a similar name? I will write it in Spanish mostly because I live in Argentina. Of course from now on you have me as a follower. You have a lot of experience in two very important topics for me: motherhood and blogging. Thanks! Vanesa

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