A new era begins

Yesterday, we dropped Geeky Girl off at college.  She’s doing a little pre-orientation class for the next couple of days. We’ll see her again on Thursday for orientation, but basically, life will be different from this moment on. As I mentioned in my last post, people have been asking me if I’ll miss her, if I’ll be sad, etc. So far, it hasn’t hit me yet.  She texted us last night to tell us how her first evening was–lasagna for dinner, met some fellow Game of Thrones fans, and was going to an ice cream social later.  I have a feeling we’re going to get updates like that frequently. And that’s why I’m not convinced I’ll be torn up. Maybe I’m wrong.

Additionally, I have a lot I’m going back to. My own school year starts the day after I return.  I remember when dropping Geeky Boy off, there was more of a gap, so I could feel the absence more.  I was also more worried about him than I am about Geeky Girl. They’re different kids.

It’s auspicious, perhaps, that drop off day coincided with the eclipse.  We had fun looking through kitchen equipment at the partial, and kept NASA live streaming until the eclipse was over on the west coast.  As we walked to a nearby office supply store to get notebooks, etc., we enjoyed seeing the crescent-shaped shadows on the sidewalk.  It added a fun, distracting element to the day. Geeky Girl planned everything out well.  We moved in first, checked in after (backwards from what most people did) and avoided the crowds. While Geeky Girl finished unpacking her stuff, we made a run to Target for snacks.  She’s alone in her room until Thursday as one roommate is on a camping trip, and her other roommate chose not to do the preprogram.  She’s now well stocked.

We have to entertain ourselves for the next couple of days. We wandered around the town we’re staying in for a few hours after we left campus, exploring an antique mall, city hall, ate ice cream and sushi.  Today, we might go to a museum and at some point, we want to go on a hike. The weather is indeed beautiful here. Thursday and Friday, we’ll be occupied with various orientation activities and then we head back home to begin our new era without Geeky Girl. That’s when it’s probably going to hit me.

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  1. We still have Youngest at home and will for quite some time as she enters second year university. In some ways that makes us notice Eldest’s absence all the more as she settles in for graduate studies in the big city where she did her undergrad. Good luck with getting settled in your own new dynamics!

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