Reading Interlude: Summer Life

So my next book is taking me a bit longer.  It’s really good, though, so just hang on.  Also, I have been back at work and traveling for things where there hasn’t been time for reading.  I’ve read a little every day or so, but it hasn’t been enough to get through the book.  I’ll get there!

Work has been both slower and busier.  In the summer, our hours are 9-3, which is nice, but it also goes by in a blink.  There aren’t pressing deadlines (yet), so I don’t feel the need to come in early or stay late.  By August, that will change, I’m sure.  Mostly, I’m still in the process of hiring for a handful of positions.  This happens every year for a variety of reasons, but this year has been particularly busy on the hiring front.  Hiring takes time.  There’s reading resumes, scheduling phone interviews (often with several other people), doing the phone interviews, and then, scheduling face-to-face, and then doing the face-to-face.  And finally, there’s making the decision, which can be quick or take a while, depending on our pool.  Other projects have taken a back seat, as hiring is one of the most important things we do.

Summer is going by very fast! I can’t believe it’s mid-July already.  A month from now, we’ll be headed to California to drop off Geeky Girl. I’ve booked an Airbnb and flights for our trip.  Everyone keeps asking me if I’m ready.  I’m ready.  I don’t get too sentimental about these things.  I’ll miss Geeky Girl, but she’ll be in touch.  Technology has changed the going off to college dynamic.  As I was planning the trip, I had planned to arrive the day before she needs to be there.  Mr. Geeky suggested going a day earlier than that so that we could all be together for a day.  I argued that we’d have plenty of time together and that Geeky Girl probably didn’t want us to be there any longer than necessary. So we asked her, and guess who was right.  Yep, me.  She’s ready, and that makes me ready.

Yesterday became family cleaning day, weirdly, which made me quite happy.  I went to work for a half day, came home, ate lunch and started tackling some projects around the house.  I’ve been cleaning out a “junk room” and I’ve been purging clothes (and getting Mr. Geeky to do so as well!).  As I started on my projects, Mr. Geeky randomly joined in, and then Geeky Boy decided it was time to tackle his room–he’s been talking about it forever.  Geeky Girl was out, but she’d already started on her room earlier this week.  And then, the maid showed up (yes, I finally hired cleaning help).  So while we were reorganizing upstairs, she tackled the downstairs.  It was great! And yes, that makes me sound a little nerdy.

Other summer goings on include a family reunion on Mr. Geeky’s side of the family, which involved staying at an old train station that was very cool. On the way we listened to Sh*t Town, the podcast from the makers of Serial.  Well worth listening to.  We also listened to some shorter ones: Reveal, Freakonomics, Invisibilia.  Thank goodness for podcasts.

This weekend, we’re headed out camping in the Niagara Falls area.  I’m looking forward to being away from civilization (sort of; it is car camping).  We camped in May in a cabin and that was fun, but this will be our first trip this summer.  We usually manage two, but I don’t think that’s going to happen this year.

All that’s to say that summer has been busy in a good way.  I’m not yet looking forward to the school year, but I will be soon.