Summer Goals

Today is the first day of summer for us.  Thursday, we graduated the class of 2017 including my daughter (more on that in another post).  And Friday, we had a day of professional development.  I came in this morning to a quiet building, and a pile of papers on my desk as the last couple of weeks have involved throwing things on my desk and running to the next meeting or event.  Today it’s time to regroup and think through what I want to get done this summer.

Someone asked me a while back what I do in the summer.  Every teacher and professor hates this question because the implication is that we don’t work.  I’m on the clock unlike teachers and professors, but it’s still a mystery, I think, as to what needs to get done over the summer so that the school year is off to a good start in the fall.

I would group my goals in three categories: professional strategic goals (things that move forward ideas for larger goals), professional tactical goals (just stuff that has to get done and for which there’s no time when school is in session), and personal goals.  My professional goals are in flux and somewhat complex at the moment.  Here I’ll just mention what I’m up to personally.

My biggest goal that overlaps personal and professional is to read a book a week.  I’ve already got a list of 8-10 books.  Most of these are non-fiction, related to leadership and/or education.  I am hoping to blog these as I finish.  Both Mr. Geeky and I hope to finish up some house projects.  I might have a yard sale soon and we have some small and big repairs to do.  And now that Geeky Girl will be off to college, Mr. Geeky and I have some thinking to do about next steps for us.

First on my list at work is simply to get things organized and set up some systems that can carry into the fall.  This means going through files (both physical and digital) and bringing order to the chaos.  We’ll see how that goes.