Spring break

I’m halfway through spring break which so far has been about 40% productive and 60% complete sloth.  I completely took Friday off and went shopping with Geeky Girl.  Saturday, I dove into a bunch of house projects.  I think that was a mistake because although I had planned to do more projects on Sunday, I couldn’t bring myself to do them.  Monday I returned to partial productivity, but Tuesday it rained and well, what else do you do on a rainy day?

As I type this, though, I’m sitting in my workout clothes about to head to the gym.  So I’m an every other day productive person. Sort of.

When I had summers off, and wide open days, I managed pretty well getting things done.  I usually split my day between things I needed to get done for school and things I needed to do around the house.  But these shorter bursts of free time I’m finding are more likely to be filled with Internet surfing and tv watching.  My Puritan genetics are causing me guilt over that.

My school work will be waiting for me when I get back.  While there are things to do, there is nothing pressing that needs to happen before I get back.

Around the house is another story.  I’d like to do some decluttering and the busyness of my schedule over the last 6 months has also meant that basic maintenance takes time.  I’m easily overwhelmed.  Saturday, when I tackled a project, I thought it would take an hour or so.  Three hours later, I wasn’t close to finished.  That kind of thing keeps happening.  It’s disheartening to jump into something and think you’re going to see a great end result and then you can’t even get to the end.

So I’m focused on smaller chunks, and I am thinking about ways to tackle those smaller chunks daily, even once school gets going again.  I might have to do a little design thinking project on myself.  Could work.

For now, I’m going to the gym, trying to kick start something at least.