One size does not fit all

In several different sessions and situations yesterday, people said, directly or indirectly, “One size does not fit all.”  In one context, this was about two schools whose mission is focused on personalized learning.  In another, it was about leading change and understanding that a solution that’s labeled a “best practice” is not necessarily what will work for your school, faculty, etc. or your situation.  And, in Susan Cain’s conversation at the end of the day, she said to remember that not every student is the same and again, not everything will work for every student.

It is true that at some point, you might have to go with a solution that isn’t perfect and that you know isn’t going to meet all your needs.  That’s a given and it can be okay as long as you know that going in.  If you get sold the idea that something is going to fix all your problems and you actually believe that, then that’s a bigger problem.

Regardless, I think those of us in small schools with small class sizes absolutely should be trying to meet the needs of each child, and we should be able to understand those needs fairly well.  And in fact, that’s what we should be focused on.

I would say the same of working with faculty.  We’re small enough that I should be able to know them, and know what their goals and needs are and work with them to get where they want to be.

So I guess I was reminded yesterday of what we’re really here for and what we have potential to be really good at.  So now, I just have to go back on Monday and work a little harder.

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  1. Perfection is often the enemy of good. It shouldn’t be a case of all sizes or no sizes at all… but the power of individual motivation is huge.

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