Mistakes were made

I’ve been thinking about the nature of mistakes and failure. We try to encourage our students to take risks, not worry about failing in order to open up possibilities door greater success. We encourage them to aim high and then help them recover if they fall short or show them how they were still successful even when they didn’t get exactly where they wanted to be.

But I’ve been thinking about knowing the possible failures in any endeavor and about the things that look like a mistake or failure later on. Sometimes you make a decision or complete a project that looks successful at first, and then sometime later, weeks or even years, you realize that what you did wasn’t quite right or maybe even a total disaster.
I think it’s this kind of outcome that happens all. the. time. that often paralyzes people. The what ifs running through your mind are all negative, not positive. The thing is, we can’t see into the future. Conditions change. The assumptions you made turn out to be wrong. 

We have to be okay with the possible negative outcomes of any decision and be willing to pick up the pieces when needed  I had an aunt who once said to me when I was trying to decide on something to think of the worst possible outcome and if I could deal with that then I should just take the leap. If we don’t approach decisions this way, we’ll never change.

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  1. Laura, I have to agree, often the possibility of failure stops us before we begin. We see this so often when teaching. Understanding the worst case is often a big help.

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