Every time I’m down

Something brings me back up again.  The cookies, they kind of worked.  There were a handful of people in the lounge when I brought them in, and we chatted, which felt great.  At the very end of the day, I swung by an office because I saw people talking and I had a fantastic conversation.  We tossed around ideas, complained about how we have to shave our legs (gender norms suck sometimes!), and talked about a bunch of random other things.  And that was the last conversation of the day.  I had a number of other spontaneous or planned conversations that reminded me how great some of my colleagues are.

I do know that most of my colleagues care a great deal about what they do.  I just think that we all get bogged down sometimes and don’t have the time to talk to each other and share what we’re thinking about.  As one of my colleagues said of my plans to create more opportunities for just this kind of thing, these things are organic, you can’t always control them or make them happen.

But like my classroom, I can at least make sure conditions are in place for that to happen.