Downtime – Sort of

Today is a workshop day. I didn’t sign up for any workshops, though I thought about it at the last minute.  Instead, I spent the morning working on a presentation I’m doing for the board later this month and after lunch, walking around with my colleague.  There’s also been lots of catching up on email, checking minor things off the to-do list, etc.

It’s kind of nice, really, to be away from the daily realities of work.  It gives me the headspace to think a little and focus on some much-needed tasks that take some brainpower–and quiet–to accomplish.  So, it was a non-work work day of sorts.

Tomorrow, the hustle and bustle of the conference begins.  There will be ideas floating around and lots to think about.  Plus, there are friends to connect with and new people to meet.  I’m looking forward to it!