Believing in what you do

Often I think about whether what I do aligns with what I believe.  When my work aligns with my beliefs, it’s really not work.  I have a very complex issue to tackle right now that involves people, money, time, and other resources and I actually got a little giddy thinking about possible solutions.  And I thought, huh, well, that’s interesting.  I know some people who would run away from that.  But I got excited.  Yes, there’s something wrong with me.

I’ve been quiet here for the last week or so because I was working on a big presentation for the board.  It was quite the experience to put together, but again, because I really believed in what I was doing, it didn’t entirely feel like work.  Oh sure, there was the day I didn’t have time for lunch, but that’s totally fine.  And when I gave the presentation, I just thought about how much much I cared about my work and how important I thought it was.  Honestly, I could have talked for much longer.  I’m very committed and passionate about what I do and where I work.

It’s been a reminder over the last week or so that I need to tap into that more often.  Yes, I should take time away (and I have, trust me), but really, tapping into that core feeling of commitment has motivated me greatly to tackle even the most complex of issues.