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Last night I went to my first ever local Democratic party meeting.  I’ve been peripherally involved in local politics for a while, volunteering for things, attending fundraisers, giving some money here and there, but I’ve never dug in to local politics.  The energy was pretty amazing.  It was a meeting to discuss all our local candidates–ward commissioners, school board, county commissioners, judges.

Our township is about 60/40 democrats to republicans, but that’s a recent development.  It used to swing the other way.  It’s really just in the last 5 years or so that we’ve pretty solidly been in the lead.  We went for Hillary across the board, with only one precinct going to Trump by a mere 9 votes.  I’ve volunteered to serve as campaign manager for a friend running for ward commissioner. I’m looking forward to it.  No idea what I’m doing, but I think we’ll manage.  It’s not that different from my day job in many ways.

It was great to see some neighbors I don’t see that often, and I ran into old friends who’ve moved to the area.  This is the kind of face-to-face hard work we need to be doing, and it’s a great way to get to know some people and work together with folks to do something worthwhile. It heartened me to see so many people out in force, and it made me feel less hopeless about the future.

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