What’s next

This weekend I was at two different conferences. Both gave me a lot to think about. Coupled with a new month coming, I’m thinking a lot about continuing to move forward on a number of fronts.

In addition to the conferences, the events of the weekend, watching as people protested an unjust policy and people were denied their rights, created a real sense of urgency. I keep fighting a feeling of inefficacy, as if my actions in particular will have no impact.

Before this weekend, I was already feeling a little antsy. But then, I met up with old friends, great educators and smart people, and we shared ideas and I listened to people talk about the things they’re doing. And it made want to double my efforts.

In between sessions and talking to people, I kept scrolling through my Twitter feed because it was like watching a train wreck and like watching a train wreck, I couldn’t really do anything about it, so I just turned back to talking, sometimes about my Twitter feed and sometimes about education or life.

I left early yesterday, mostly because I couldn’t function on the five hours of sleep I’d gotten the night before but also, I was full. On the train ride back, I started thinking about how to dig in. I’ve been very reactionary the last month, just responding to things in the moment rather than taking a step back and thinking about what’s important and what I really want to do.

Taking the step back and digging in is going to be more work but I have a semi plan. It involves giving some things up and restricting some things. No TV. Less internet that’s not for a particular purpose. Might mean a shift in what happens with my free time.  I’m hoping this will give me the kick start I need to be more effective in my work, in my life, and in the larger context.

And I hope by kicking it up a notch, I’ll get a little more brave so I can take some risks. Because I think that’s what it will take to move forward. Otherwise, I’m just running in place.