Squee! Robots!

Does anyone remember Shmoo? No? Well, I do, and I loved him.


And now, many of the robots out there kind of look like him (I think it was a him).  Yes, there are some military style scary robots out there (Big Dog comes to mind), but robots aimed at the consumer market are headed into household pet territory.  They’re cute and they make good companions.

At CES, many consumer-oriented robots were on display, many of which are next-level Alexa/Echo/Google Home type devices.  But a lot of them are still cute.  Check them out. I especially like the Lego one, and this Kuri one to the right. Still no laundry folding robot, but I hold out hope.

One Reply to “Squee! Robots!”

  1. There was at least on clothing folding robot at CES. I saw it on RObert Scoble’s Facebook feed. It looked like there was still more human action than either you or I would like but things are moving in the right direction.

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