And so it begins

I didn’t watch the inauguration.  I was actually too busy working, but I did read a transcript of the speech.  It’s neither here nor there, really. Mostly empty rhetoric.  We’ll be awesome. I’ll fix everything.

Geeky Girl is going down to the Million Women March tomorrow.  Mr. Geeky and I are not going.  We are a tad worried, but it’s a historic event, so we’re setting that aside and assuming everything will be fine.  My boss, our head of school, gave her some much appreciated advice.  She’s prepared.

None of us knows what happens next.  We haven’t gotten very clear signals from the administration.  Oh sure, we have cabinet picks, and we have some declarations.  But Trump keeps contradicting himself and the Republicans, and well, it’s hard to know what will really stick.

In such a large and complex system, it’s hard to know where one might make inroads. Many of my younger colleagues and students think voter registration and education is key. I tend to agree.  Get more people registered to vote. Get them to vote in the off years.  2018 could be a turning point.

But I don’t count on anything now. Evidence pointed to a different outcome. It doesn’t mean I give up.  It just means I hold a skeptical view.  It actually means I try harder because there are no guarantees.  I can’t assume someone else will do it.  I may not be marching tomorrow, but there are other things I am doing and will do.  I’m kind of holding my breath right now.