Off the grid

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I pretty much went off the grid.  I checked email a couple of times on Wednesday, responded to a couple, but by late afternoon, I had settled into my post on the couch to start a few days of doing nothing.  As a family, we watched all 6 of the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movies.  That’s about 18 hours of movies.  There were a couple of The Hobbit movies we hadn’t seen.  And once we’d watched all those, we had to finish out the rest of the story.

Geeky girl and I played games together, and did some crosswords.  Mr. Geeky, sadly, did a little bit of work.  And Geeky Boy did his usual holing up in his room between rounds of coming down to be social–mostly to get food.

I did manage to get a ton of laundry done, and tried to keep the kitchen relatively clean, but I did nothing else.  Today will be a bit of a rough re-entry at first, but recharging by basically being a hermit seems to me a good thing to do once in a while.

There’s three weeks until Winter Break.  There’s quite a bit of work to do during that time, but it also has a lighter feel to it, with celebrations of various kinds interspersed, and everyone knowing that a long break is coming.  Seniors will have submitted all their applications, and many will start to hear from places they applied to early.  There will be disappointment, but also relief as the next chapter starts to become clearer.

I’m trying to decide what to do over Winter break.  We’ve been invited everywhere.  Part of me would like to get away–even further off the grid, if you will–and part of me wants to hole up again with my family.  Breaks in the dead of winter seem like the right thing to do, and disconnecting from the world a bit during them feels somewhat healthy so that we can return refreshed
.  We’re all waiting for the days to get longer and lighter and for the renewal of spring.