Let’s talk about shoes and books

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I have to admit that this election season has been exhausting on many levels.  The daily revelations about the candidates and the vitriol is painful.  I’m trying hard to stay above it, but I’ve also taken a vow to point out absolute falsehood when I see it, and to avoid posting or saying things that aren’t true myself.  Doing that takes a lot of mental energy.

I have shoes on my mind.  As most of you know, about a year ago, I was hit and run over by a car.  I had surgery, tons of physical therapy, but still, I was in pain.  So I had surgery again a few weeks ago to remove the plates and screws that were holding my foot together.  Before this latest surgery, I had managed to get into some good shoes.  I’ve been relying on Clarks and Merrells, mainly.  I had been looking forward to getting into boots.  But, my foot, post new surgery, has regressed a little in terms of its flexibility.  So, I can’t bend it enough to get into boots that don’t have a zipper all the way down.  I have one pair of short boots, actually the ones I was wearing for the initial injury, that work.  I’ve purchased new shoes, all flats, because I can’t wear heels, but I’m starting to get depressed about my lack of shoe options.

The other day I was wearing a dress and I thought, longingly, these cute black wedges would look awesome with this dress.  Sigh. I may, a long time from now, be able to wear a small heel or a wedge.  But maybe not.  And it will likely only be for a special occasion.  Most of the time I don’t care.  But, I’ve had some moments lately . . .

The book/reading challenge was a good thing to start with.  It distracts me from other stuff.  I finished one book and started another one today.  I went with fiction this time, even though I usually avoid fiction. I think reading something completely apart from my real life in the next 48 hours is going to be a nice escape.  It might be something I can keep going after the challenge is over.  So, what are y’all reading or what have you read recently that’s been good, informative, riveting, whatever good means to you.

Oh, and I’ll take shoe recommendations, too.

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  1. My new favorite shoes are Bernie Mev (I got them from Zappos). They aren’t cheap but they are super comfortable. I discovered them thanks to a nurse who said she could walk miles in them. I figured that was a good a recommendation as one could get. The multi-colored flats are one of the pairs I got and they are now my default shoe.

  2. Chuck Taylors are my go-to shoe.

    As for reading, I just finished Evicted: Poverty & Profit in the American City. It’s an excellent, well-researched look into housing and how unstable housing impacts communities, schools, and just about every part of a city. Also read book one and two in the Hugh Howley’s Silo series (Wool & First Shift).

  3. I have no pretty shoes these days. I don’t have time for the complicated shoe tetris that’s required in walking the dog every day as well as walking across campus several times due to my teaching schedule and Youngest’s class schedule. I mourn the prospect of cute shoes but at least it’s my choice to not wear them and not something forced upon me by horrible circumstances as in your case.

    Reading? I’m reading lots but in fits and starts. Almost all of the non-fiction I’ve read recently has been supporting my teaching topics and not necessarily great reads in and of themselves, but here are some fiction recs: “Act Like It” by Lucy Parker (contemporary romance), “Sorcerer to the Crown” by Zen Cho (Regency fantasy) and “A Memory of Muskets” by Kathleen Ernst (1980s historical mystery). I also really enjoyed the personal memoir by Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes”.

  4. It is a rare occasion when I wear wedges or heels now. But ballet flats are a great shoe for a dressy look that is also comfortable and practical.

  5. Unfortunately, my foot is now too wide for ballet flats, and they don’t provide the support my now weak foot needs. 🙁

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