Challenge completed


I did read every day, but not always for 30 minutes.  Sometimes it was more, but more often, I only managed to squeeze in 15 minutes. I did miss a couple of days–the election, a few days post election where I had to deal with election fallout.I completed one book, and started two others.   .  I will work to finish the books I’ve started, though maybe more slowly than before. Despite not being perfect, the challenge worked well to focus me on something besides just perusing social media.

I’m taking on two challenges for the next 30 days, which I know sounds crazy, but one won’t take much time.  One challenge I’m tackling is financial.  Every day, I’m going to try to find some monthly charge I can get rid of.  I sign up for things all the time that cost $2.99 or $9.99, and even after I stop using them, I forget to cancel.  If I can’t find one to get rid of, I’m going to pay some amount toward a credit card.  I haven’t decided what that amount is, but it won’t be trivial I don’t think.

The other thing I’m going to tackle is going through a cyber security course I’m planning to teach in the spring.  Because this is part of my day job, I’ll tackle this one at work.  I started this this summer and let it slide.  Second semester is not too far away, so there’s some urgency to getting this done.  Plus, I’m kind of excited about it.

I’ll report back in 30 days!