What I’m Reading

I’m seven days into my challenge, and it’s going relatively well.  Technically, I missed Saturday if you count reading as just reading a book.  But I did read a couple of longer articles, so I’m counting that.  Besides Saturday, I’ve spent at least 1/2 hour everyday reading An Everyone Culture.  I had started this book over the summer and then school started, so I put it down.  I’ve picked it up again for the challenge, and am now about 2/3 through it.  This is one of many business-oriented books I’ve read over the last few months.  I like the ideas in this book so far, but unlike some other books I’ve read, the ideas seem much harder to implement.  The whole concept is a pretty radical departure from business as usual.  And of course that’s the point of the book.  As someone who is constantly developing herself, I like the idea of personal development via a very transparent feedback loop.  But no work place that I’ve ever been a part of has ever been particularly good at giving solid feedback.  It’s generally been part of a standard evaluation process and it’s rarely been ongoing and in the moment the way feedback is described in the book.

I’ve just finished the chapter that asks me to participate in an exercise to help find my developmental edge. I haven’t done this exercise yet, but I want to. I’m not sure where I’ll end up.  I always find it difficult to think about what I need to work on.  It’s not that I don’t think I have things that could be better.  It’s often that I can think of many and figuring out which thing to prioritize presents a challenge.  But I like the idea of having concrete ways of moving forward.

It’s also nice to be progressing on the reading front.  I’ll likely finish this book within a couple of days, and so I’ll start looking for something else to read.  I have a number of half-finished or not started books on my kindle, so I may choose from there.  Or I may go in a completely different direction.  One thing I’m already thinking about is whether I can keep up the reading even as I pursue another challenge. It would be nice to be able to do that.