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When you love your job, and you have responsibility as one of your strengths, it’s easy to put yourself last.  That’s kind of happened this first week of school. I had every intention of going to work out in the afternoons.  Not so much.  I was going to have that glass of wine with dinner on weeknights as a weight loss strategy.* Not so much.  And I did some work every night.  I did manage to eat relatively healthily and I met my step goal every day.  So there’s that.

The first week of school is always hard.  In addition to just being “on” for 8 hours a day, there are a lot of extra activities.  We had conferences with parents yesterday afternoon, and there were two evening events.  Tomorrow is a super big deal day as we celebrate the Installation of our new head of school. We always have a big opening assembly the first week, but this one is going to be really special.  It’s also Geeky Girl’s senior year and the seniors have a special place during the installation tomorrow (as they do at every big assembly).  So that will make it even more special for me personally.

I’m holding on to the energy of these events to keep me afloat.  And, there are more to come.  Parent evenings.  Cocktail parties.  Class trips. It’s more than usual, and it’s really challenging to get through in one piece sometimes.  But next week I’m going to try to hit a routine.  Some of it is planning, working with my family to schedule things, and just closing the laptop.  Some of it is forcing myself to not worry about stuff so much. Yes, there will be deadlines to hit, and there will be times during the year when there’s a lot going on, but when there isn’t the pressure of a deadline, or when time isn’t squeezed because of an event, I need to just take time out for myself.  I often tell other people, “It’s all going to be okay.”  I need to tell that to myself, too.


*Surprisingly, I lost a pound anyway.

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  1. I’m right there with you–telling myself that I will get into better habits next week, now that Parent Night is behind me and I’ve passed all the big opening milestones. Sure, we still have retreats, and then parents conferences, etc etc–September is just hard–but with our first five-day week approaching, I’m looking forward to reinstating the self-care routines that were really working for me last school year. It’s all going to be okay! We can do it!

  2. I read your post and agreed on all points about how hard the first week is and how self-care tends to get thrown away. But one thing I did do was go to bed early — so early my husband thought I was coming down with something!
    Thanks for taking the time to write which really is another form of self-care.

  3. I’ve been tracking my weight for a few years now, and I’ve found that a 1-lb fluctuation is just noise. I really can’t see meaningful changes unless they are sustained for a few weeks—I need to either do regressions to fit trend lines or do rolling-window averages to see what has been happening with my weight.

    That said, a measured one-pound loss most likely means that no underlying weight gain has happened, and that weight is stable. (For me, at the moment, that wold be a win, as I’ve been slowly putting back on the weight that I spent 6 months taking off.)

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