One more weekend

bbqSchool begins on Tuesday, so this is the last summer weekend.  Of course, as I just said to Mr. Geeky, the weekend before school starts isn’t quite a weekend.  This past week has been exhausting, but really great.  On Monday, we welcomed the new faculty and staff.  I had the pleasure of being a discussion leader and got to hear our new faculty and staff and their mentors discuss their experience with school, how they feel about girls’ education, and their strategies for dealing with the school year.  One woman noted that it was not just important for us to support each other to ease each other’s stress, but also because we are modeling collegiality and collaboration for our students.  If we aren’t willing to work together and help each other, then there’s no way our students will.  Two student leaders came and talked about their Baldwin experience, and one started by thanking all of us and telling us that it was our support and guidance that meant the most to her.  I cried.

On Tuesday, the rest of the faculty showed up and our new head of school opened up our faculty meeting with an activity that allowed all of us to get to know each other better.  Again, I had the privilege of facilitating that conversation.  Then our head interviewed two of our most senior people, a maintenance crew member and a Latin teacher.  The maintenance crew guy talked about how he felt Baldwin was a second home to him and that he loved coming to work every day and so appreciated the sense of community here.  I cried again (this is a theme).

On Wednesday, we had mostly nitty gritty meetings, but it was still great to have everyone together, and we ended the day with our faculty/staff BBQ, the picture seen here.  And yesterday, I got to meet with my department, which just reminded me of how many great ideas they have and how wonderful it is to work with them.  It really is going to be a great year.