Hello? Is Anyone Home?

So not only did I disappear for 3 months, but my entire site did.  Thanks to a compromised credit card and a crazy end of school, I missed the deadline to renew my hosting account.  I contacted support as soon as I realized what happened and they made noise suggesting that they would restore everything. I got busy again, went on vacation and came back and sure enough, still no backup. So I called.  But I didn’t have much hope. Months had passed. They had no obligation to backup my little site.  I was all prepared to think of this outcome as a clean slate.

But miracle of miracles, they had a backup from right before the site went down (Bluehost rocks, FYI).  48 hours later with a little more tinkering on my part, I’m back in business.

It reminded me how ephemeral all this Internet stuff really is.  Ten years of blogging can disappear in a moment.  I was also frustrated with myself for letting this happen right when I finally had some time and something to say! Even though most people have shifted to Facebook or Twitter (and I, too, spend a fair amount of time there), I still like the long form and having my own space here.

So real posts are coming soon and probably some design tweaking because you know, why not.  And let this be a lesson to some of you out there–backup your site!