Happy Belated Mother’s Day

Mothers' Day Cake crop
Mothers’ Day Cake crop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I achieved Mother’s Day nirvana by staying in my PJ’s all day.  I am on the fence about holidays like Mother’s Day.  Sure, it’s great to recognize and appreciate our mothers, but the holiday is a made up holiday and for some people, gives them an out for not doing or saying anything the other 364 days out of the year.  And then there’s the people who are adopted or whose mothers have died, making the holiday a potentially painful one.  And what about those with two mothers or two fathers.  These days get even more complicated for non-traditional families.

Geeky Girl suggested a Parents’ Day, maybe even two.  I suggested that maybe we don’t need a day at all.  But then Hallmark and flower shops would lose a lot of business.  I’d rather see us actually support family friendly laws, like, you know, paid maternity and paternity leave?  Or affordable daycare? Many mothers would much rather have paid time off than cards and flowers.

So I’m glad that we take a day to recognize the hard work of mothers, but I’d really like us to focus on more meaningful support for mothers and families.

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  1. It’s not Hallmark that relies on Mothers’ Day (they have plenty of fake holidays). It is restaurants that rely on it—Mothers’ Day is the biggest restaurant day of the year.

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