The College Hunt Begins

Today, Geeky Girl and I will take her first real college tour, not her first actual college tour, but the first one that she’s considering as a real possibility.  We went on a college tour around this time last year just because we were near one.  It was a low-key way to start the process.  We’re visiting my alma mater, Rhodes College, mostly because we’re in the area, but it’s on her list of possibles and she’s looking at similar schools elsewhere, so this will give her a sense of whether this kind of school is really what she wants.

The whole process sucks.  The pressure is crazy.  There’s testing and the feeling that if you mess up, you’re doomed.  We’re trying to be chill about it.  Because really, to us, it doesn’t matter where she goes.  We just want her to be happy.  The cost freaks us out, but we’re trying to be chill about that too.

Geeky Boy’s process was more of a forced march and then his options were seriously limited by his high school grades.  He went to college, dropped out after a year and a half, now lives at home, has a job and is planning to take some online classes.  Doing school is not his thing.  He’ll find his way eventually.

Geeky Girl’s process is going to be completely different.  She’s got a lot of support, not just from us (Geeky Boy had that) but also from her school.  She has a knowledgeable college counselor and teachers who know her and will guide her.  She’s also always cared about school so her record, while not perfect, is good enough that she has some good options and potentially some decent scholarships ahead of her.  Geeky Boy had his choices narrowed for him.  Geeky Girl will have to do her own narrowing.  And that’s challenging for a 17 year old.  We’ll see where we end up.  The next year is going to be a roller coaster ride, I’m sure.

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  1. Is GG a junior? My daughter is, and we have to get started on this process and it’s making me very anxious. 🙁

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