Ready for a break

This will be a short week as spring break begins on Friday. The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy. I really need the break.

I used to worry about taking breaks. I have often been surrounded by people who brag about how many hours they work. In grad school, I would sometimes quiz various people about their work habits in order to assess if I was working enough.

Now I just do what feels right for me.  If I need to step away from work completely when I get home, that’s what I’ll do. Email, grading and projects will be there in the morning. I often find that working in the evening is counter productive. I’m tired and I’m not thinking as well as I could be. Putting off a hard task until the morning often turns out better.

I’m planning to take a complete break next week, coming back ready to finish out the year with renewed energy. I’m looking forward to both the break and the work after.

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