Productivity breeds productivity

And maybe success breeds success.  I had a lot of both this weekend.  First on the success front.  I went up the stairs forwards like a semi-normal person.  I still can’t really go down.  I contemplated it this morning and decided it was too risky.  So, on my bottom it still is.  And I was able to sleep without help from drugs at least once.  At the end of most days, all the things about my foot that I was able to ignore suddenly become problematic.  I can feel everything.  And so, I’ve been taking a pain medication at night that also makes me drowsy.  But I was able to go without it this weekend.  As I start to walk–which produces pain–I don’t know that I’ll be able to keep that particular success going, but it certainly feels like progress.

On the productivity front, I got a ton of work done.  I set up two multi-user blogs for my classes, set up my students with their accounts and blogs, set up the online course shell with the gradebook and class requirements, and actually did the homework (as documented in my last post).  I also spent some time researching some online courses for a student who wants to do an independent study with me.  I went through the first lesson of a course she was interested in and decided it was too hard.  In addition to that kind of hands on work, I did a fair amount of reading around the Internet, something that had fallen by the wayside in the wake of my injury.

I feel like all this productivity will lead into a productive week.  I have a fantastic schedule this semester where my two classes meet back to back on a single day, which means I have whole days uninterrupted by class.  This week, I’m looking at three days without class.  It just gives me more time to prepare for class, and more time for reading, thinking and doing some of the other work that I’ve been kind of scrambling to do over the last few weeks.  For the first time this weekend, I finally felt a little bit like the “old me,”  productive, eager to learn, enthusiastic about life.

That being said, I did let some things go this weekend.  If there’s one thing I’ve come to realize is that I can’t do absolutely everything.  On Thursday, I missed a conference call because I was stuck in another meeting.  On Saturday, I had planned to attend an event at school, but after going out earlier in the day, I thought twice about the difficulty of getting around.  And I decided, after much thought over the last few weeks, not to run for reelection to the CSTA board.  This is work I love and am passionate about, and even though I see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of my injury, I just felt like I couldn’t commit to that work.  There may be more to my injury that I don’t know about yet, and in fact, it’s possible there’s another surgery in my future, which we won’t know for another few months.  And next year, with a new head of school coming on board, I expect my day job will be quite busy.  So I let a few things go.  There is likely more that needs to go.  But for now, I’m feeling okay about what I have on my plate.