The purging continues

I finished up the giant paper pile.  I still think there’s a box or two in the attic, but the attic is a project unto itself.  It feels great to have no pile of mail by the door, no drawer full of 10 year old receipts.  I only have 5 folders.  One is working on, one is sentimental stuff that I will sort when it comes time for that, one is general stuff to keep–tax things, titles to cars, birth certificates, just things that we need every once in a while or have to keep for our records.  The other two are current tax documents and past tax documents.  Every day when I come in, I pick up the mail, throw away the trash and decide whether to keep the rest.  So far, I haven’t kept anything, though it’s only been about a week.

I tackled CDs/DVDs this morning.  Mr. Geeky has a collection of movies that I can’t touch, but I tackled software CDs and others.  Most of it got ditched.  About 10 or so I’m giving away.

I also gathered all the skincare products in the house: sunscreen, bug spray, lotion, mini bottles from hotels, shaving cream, etc.  I ditched a ton of things and kept a small collection of sunscreen and bug spray in the downstairs bathroom.  I kept the face stuff I use regularly (one bottle that’s a combo cleaner/moisturizer).  I kept the shaving cream.  It’s down to a manageable amount of stuff and it’s all contained now.

Next on the list is makeup, but I just purged that when I cleaned out my bathroom drawer.  I might get rid of one or two other things, but that shouldn’t be a big deal.

Accessories is next, which means I need to tackle my jewelry.  I’ve done this once before and have a bag to be given away, but it needs another go through.

After that, the list gets more daunting.  Just thinking about electrical stuff freaks me out.  I’ve tackled cords before and it nearly killed me, not by shock but just because we had so many random chargers and things.  And let me just say that not once have we dipped into the basket of what remains, which says to me we don’t need them.

Mr. Geeky has somewhat gotten into the act and has been willing to purge a few things.  Maybe he’ll get more into the act later as things start looking cleaner.

At any rate, it feels much better, and I’ve been able to keep my clothes in order so far, so I’m hopeful that I can maintain much of this long term.  Knowing that I can come home and relax and look at a clean uncluttered house and knowing that I can find what I need when I need it is a huge relief.  It will make a busy year seem much more manageable.

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  1. Good for you! So far my clothes have stayed nicely within the system. It really helps to have purged those things I really didn’t want or need. I read somewhere that most people gravitate back to the same few items of clothing over and over again: I tend towards that but it’s actually easier to diversify when I can see everything at one go!

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