I was going to call this organizing, but that doesn’t quite get at my dilemma.  I have a lot of stuff and not a lot of room to put it, and I’m not good about putting away my stuff.  I have a room of stuff that I don’t know what to do with.  The room has become the room where we put stuff.  It’s not quite useful as anything else, but it could be made useful, perhaps, if we didn’t put so much stuff in it.   And it bothers me, daily.

You can do a search on this blog for “clutter” or “housework” or “organization” and probably find many posts where I’m frustrated by my lack of organization. I honestly don’t know if I’d be neat if I lived by myself.  I wasn’t so neat when I was a teen nor in college and by the time I hit my 20s, I was living with another person, so who knows.

I’ve tried a number of things: FlyLady, UNFYH, Unclutterer (the book, even).  And it’s not that they didn’t work.  They did, for a while, and then they didn’t.   Part of the problem, of course, is that I usually attack these things all at once, treating it like a sprint, or at most a 5K, when really it’s like a Forrest Gump style run across America. It’s going to take a long time.

Also, I don’t have a good system for keeping things in order.  And that’s where things really fall apart.  FlyLady had a system, and I liked the idea of just following a list of stuff to do, but the overall system didn’t work for me.  Some of it took too much time and some of it wasn’t addressing the things that were most problematic for me.  UNFYH let me do random chores in a game-like manner, and both FL and UNFYH followed a limited time method.  You would do something for 20 minutes or 45 minutes and then take a break.  And you could do one of those or 3 or 7.  And the time thing *does* work well for me.  I did that on my own long ago.  Knowing there’s an end in sight makes dusting or cleaning out a closet feel so much better.  You don’t have to decide when you’re done–the timer does.

I don’t yet know if this is something I want to throw myself into, but I do know that it’s gotten to a point where I’m so overwhelmed by it that it makes me a little anxious.  And really, if you came to my house, you’d say, “What are you talking about?”  On the outside I have the normal amount of piles everyone does.  But I know where the bodies are buried, and it’s like “The Tell-Tale Heart” for me.  So I must tackle this, I think, but I must do it differently than before, because nothing else worked.  If you’ve streamlined, organized, etc., and have ideas, do let me know!

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  1. I’m working on employing the KonMari method. Her directions suggest that you take a six month period to wrangle all your things, working by category, starting with clothes and then moving onto other categories. Pull out everything in a subcategory, deal with it all – disposing of what you can and then thoughtfully retaining/storing what you love. So far, so good.

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