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On of my biggest issues with my clutter problem is procrastination.  Only with housework is this an issue for me.  I was not a big procrastinator in school for the most part, nor do I procrastinate at work.  But I look at a load of laundry to fold, shrug and move on.  It doesn’t help that Mr. Geeky is the same way.  A year or two ago, I got Unclutter your Life in one Week, a book by one of the writers from the Unclutterer blog.  I read the whole thing and did what it told me to do, and definitely made progress. The first chapter is about firsts, dealing with the things you see first–when you wake up, when you come in the door, when you arrive at work.

At my house, the first thing I see when I walk in the house is my front porch.  Back in 2005, we put a wall up to create a kind of entry way on one side and an office on the other side.  I used that office for a couple of years, but because the porch wasn’t insulated, I could really only use it in the fall and spring.  Summer was touch and go and winter was off limits (I cannot deal with cold).  The office became storage mostly and that’s something I want to tackle eventually but that area is mostly invisible.

The entry way, however, I could see every time I walked in the door, and what I saw every time was unfinished drywall and a paint color I hated.  It made me feel defeatist about my whole house because the first impression was basically saying, meh, I don’t care what shape my house is in.  Last week, I decided to just do something about it.  I had the paint, purchased months ago, and I had almost everything I needed to fully complete the project.  So when I got home from work on Thursday, I just started painting.  I continued on Friday,  Saturday, Mr. Geeky and I went to the hardware store to get trim and a few other things to finish up the space.  I put a third coat of paint on the wall, and Mr. Geeky put up the trim.  Then Geeky Girl and I went to Home Goods so I could get something pretty to put up on the newly painted wall.  Here’s where were were by end of day on Saturday:

IMG_20150802_082415623 IMG_20150802_082404233 IMG_20150802_082430970 IMG_20150802_082350068 IMG_20150802_082421430

Sunday, I tackled the trim, but it took longer than I thought.  I can’t get back to it until later this week, but I will.  I already feel better about walking in the front door.  When it’s done, I’ll post an update.

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