Five things

I’ve been spending a lot more time on Facebook this summer.  There are things I definitely don’t like about it, but for killing time–sometimes productively–it’s not so bad.  It often surfaces articles and issues that never make it to my Twitter feed or my blog reader.  I just have a different set of people there.  Colin is one of those people I see on Facebook more than other places, and yesterday he challenged folks to do a list of five things.  My brain is so fried right now, I almost couldn’t come up with anything–I haven’t read 5 books or seen 5 movies.   I don’t even know what I want to read or watch.  Finally, I thought, well, I use apps and I’m employing some new lifehacks.  Maybe I could talk about those.  So here goes.

5 apps I can’t live without:

  1. Evernote.  I’ve been using it more and more, and it works so well.
  2. TickTick.  This is my todo app, which integrates with gmail and google calendar.  I would lose track of everything without this.
  3. Wunderground.  Weather app and website.  Super accurate.  I start every day with it.
  4. Waze.  I can’t get anywhere without it.
  5. Does Chrome count?  Because I live in my browser pretty much.

5 lifehacks I’m trying and that I’m hoping I’ll stick with once the school year starts:

  1. The KonMarie method.  I started this last week, and so far, I have cleared out clothes and reorganized them and I’ve gotten rid of most of my paper.  I have a few more piles to go through, then I have to start other categories.  My goal here is to feel like there’s nothing to do when I get home from work except relax.
  2. Couch to 5K.  I started this again.  I’m on week 2.  Yesterday was rough.  We’ll see.
  3. Related to #1, putting everything away before bed.  No clothes piles!
  4. Using Mailstrom to wrangle email.
  5. Using Loseit to track calories.

Note those last two are apps, but not my favorites. 🙂

Maybe my next list of 5 will be more fun. Sigh.

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