Mother’s Day with a twist

At this moment,  I’m sitting around with Geeky Girl and Mr. Geeky, chatting over Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which is exactly what I asked for.  GG questioned the fact that the special Mother’s Day doughnuts were pink and then we started talking about how hard it must be for those with two mothers.  And then, of course, we said the same was true for those with two fathers.  And we decided that instead of having separate days for mothers and fathers, we should combine them into one parents’/guardians’ day.  I’m sure there are reasons why this wouldn’t work, but it seems like a good idea.  And it allows us to include a variety of family structures rather than celebrate just traditional ones.  Hallmark would lobby against this, I’m sure, but being beholden to a greeting card company to tell us what to celebrate and how seems a little crazy, yes?

So this Mother’s Day, I’m thinking about not just mothers in the traditional sense, but those who act as parental support for anyone, whether legally or just emotionally, whether male or female or other.  Taking care of children and being their emotional support is challenging work, however you come to it.