Saturday Snippets: Spring break, food, and more

Spring break started yesterday.  I worked up until the very last minute on Thursday.  For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I was just named the Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, a very fancy title.  I’m thinking through how I will step into this position.  I will still teach, which I’m thrilled by since I do love teaching.  But I was also feeling the need for a new challenge.  I have been creating my own challenges in the form of new classes, and I’m always challenged by my students, but this is at a whole new level.

I am hoping beyond hope to mostly stay away from work over the break.  Geeky Girl and I are traveling a bit, so being occupied with other things will help.  I’m currently watching A Chef’s Table via our Roku.  I love watching food shows, not the how to kind, but the kind where you get a sense of personalities and realities.  Top Chef has been a favorite for a while, but it’s nice to find some new shows that aren’t competition based.  Plus, A Chef’s Table is set in North Carolina, close to my southern roots.  The food Vivian cooks is reminiscent of the food I grew up with: heirloom tomatoes, sweet potatoes, buttermilk biscuits, and collard greens.  I always cook a fair amount in the summer, and when I can’t as much during the school year, I fill in with these shows.

One of my favorite bloggers quit blogging recently, and it made me sad.  Yes, the world is moving away from the long form, but I still enjoy reading blogs. I spend more time reading blogs than I do on Facebook and Twitter, though I certainly enjoy those forms, too.  I’m going to attempt to honor the blogging tradition by blogging more often.  Like many long-time bloggers, my blogging has fallen off.  I used to never miss a day, but now I want to try to commit to daily practice again.  I am so often writing posts in my head that never get written and posted.  So, I’m going to get those out of my head.

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