Looking Ahead

At some point on most Sundays, I start thinking about the week ahead.  I might answer some email, check my calendar, do some grading, etc.  This Sunday, I’m coming off a week of spring break.  I’ve largely forgotten the 18 tasks my to-do list says are due or overdue (usually I have them in my head).  I haven’t looked at my work email, and I haven’t looked at our course management system.  I don’t even know what classes I have tomorrow.  That’s what I always hope for on a break.

But I want the week to start off relatively smoothly and not feel like I crash landed into the middle of chaos.  So, yesterday, thanks to UFYH’s weekend challenge, I did some spring cleaning. I will tackle day 2 today.  I love the structure of this, and the irreverence of the tone.  There’s no holier-than-thou tone that some cleaning/uncluttering sites have.  It’s basically, “Yes, everyone throws all their clothes on the nearest surface (sometimes the floor).  Let’s just take care of that right now.”  I will also probably tackle the 18 things on my to-do list, or at least schedule them.   I can feel the downward slope to the end of the year.   I’ve had a taste of freedom, and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, otherwise known as summer.

Some other things I’ve been thinking about: reading and weight loss. I have a virtual pile of books, both kindle and audio, that I haven’t made the time to read/listen to.  I’ve gorged myself on tv instead, good tv mind you, but I feel like I could spend some more time with long-form text.  As I look ahead to the week, I’m going to see where I can squeeze in more reading.  It should actually be relatively easy.

And then there’s weight loss.  I’ve let my established eating and walking habits die, and I’m feeling the need to re-establish them.  But they need to fit with my life, which is part of why they died.  Since I’ve done most of my walking outside, and the weather has been bitterly cold this year, I’ve basically stopped walking.  I take the dogs out, but not for long.  Unfortunately, it’s *still* cold, but I’m going to try.  Also, I’m going back to no sugar (with some indulgences here and there for special occasions).  It’s not much I want to lose, but if I can, it would be nice.  And, in all honesty, it’s not the biggest priority in my life.  But it’s one I have control over.

I have other things I’d like to do: meditate, maybe.  Some programming, but I know how busy my life is, so I’ll just see what happens.  Planning is good, but things don’t always go as planned, so I just plan for that.