City or country?

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English: Country road feel to main city road Spiersbridge Road in Glasgow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live in the suburbs, always have.  Only once, for a brief 2-year stint, can I say I lived in the country, and it wasn’t middle of nowhere country, but we couldn’t see our neighbors’ houses so I count it.  I dream of moving somewhere when I become a certain age.  It might be retirement or before, but when I dream of moving, I can’t decide: city or country.

Geeky Girl and I are in a city right now, and as we were walking around downtown, I said, “I do really like cities.” And she said,”I do too.”  And then I said, but sometimes I also think I’d like to be in the country.  She gave me a look, “You know how I feel about nature.”  Yes, I do.  She did not like our camping adventure.

Because I have always lived in the suburbs, I honestly don’t know if I would really like the other ends of the spectrum.  There are pros and cons to both.  On the pro side for the country: dogs would love it; it would be quiet; I could grow vegetables; and the scenery would be beautiful.  On the con side: commute might suck (for work or groceries); nightlife might be non-existent; far from friends; and bugs.  The city, too, has pros and cons.  On the pro side: walking distance to culture and food; no yard work; public transportation; and activities galore.  On the con side: higher crime; dog care more challenging; commute might suck; and might be expensive.

Honestly, the older I get, the more I lean toward the country. I envision sitting on a front porch in a rocker, watching the creek flow.  And for now, all of it is just a dream anyway.  Moving is not anywhere in the cards.  For now, I will visit these extremes, and maybe one or the other option will start to solidify for me.

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  1. I grew up in the city. I went to college in the county – a campus surrounded by corn fields. And where I live now is closer to county than to suburbs but not quite rural. I love the city but I’m not sure I could go back to living there full time. Rural would be easier in some ways. But like you moving to a whole different way of living is not in the cards right now.

  2. Would it be too much to ask that the suburbs could grow to be more like the city. Walk to the groceries, walk to the park, walk to public transit? Would that be so hard? There are places like that, just not enough of them.

  3. I live in a small city. 45,000? From the middle of town I can bike to the Forest Service trails in 15 minutes. I can bike to the edge of a wilderness in less than an hour. I can drive to a blue ribbon trout stream in 30 minutes. In 60 minutes I can be at a trail head where I can walk for at least 5 days without seeing civilization and maybe not another person. Of course we do not have a Macy’s but we do have 2 Walmarts and a KFC. About once a year I ride the motorcycle to Seattle (8 hours if in a hurry. 6 if you have a radar detector.) for fresh oysters in the half shell. I then get a panic attack because of all the people and head home. Living where you can escape people in minutes gets in your system.

  4. Always lived in burbs till 7 years ago. When I tell people I’m from Baltimore, they say “Like the Wire”? And I respond, “nope, the Beltway; Security Square Mall” (actually the setting for Serial).

    I love living in a town with not much more than 2 bars and a run down hotel. No traffic lights. Coyotes. Each time I have to go to Phoenix I am tense in all the traffic.

    That said I love visiting and wandering urban metro areas… For a short bit.

    I’m a little bit country now….

  5. We live in a small and isolated city. Being in the country means you’re responsible for your own snowplowing (at least out to the road), water, sewage, fire service, etc. A lot of headaches with country living become apparent. When we’re ready to move from this house, I think we’d both opt for more urban, whether locally or in a more temperate Canadian location. Walkable and with a park nearby is all that I really covet!

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