Y’all still here?

I find it supremely ironic that my last post was about bloggers quitting, and then I disappeared.  Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere!  I think I’m officially overcommitted at the moment. Somehow, I’m keeping it together, but just barely.  We’ve had snow and cold and I got a round of the flu.  I haven’t been sick in years and I was completely knocked flat.  I literally slept for 3 days.  It was awful.  I’m just now starting to catch up, but then I’m off to a conference next week, so I will inevitably fall a bit behind again.  My colleagues and I are still working on our presentation.  Oh, and there’s teaching still! I started a new class second semester.  Thanks to the snow day earlier this week, I’m now significantly ahead of my students.  They will start projects in a couple of weeks, and I plan to work alongside them.

In CS I, I’m trying to cut the apron strings a bit and get the students to do a little troubleshooting on their own.  I’m now requiring them to write their questions on the board, so a list of questions piles up.  Sometimes they figure out the solutions just through the process of phrasing the question.  And often, similar questions will come up, and we’ll pause and I’ll explain something to the whole class.  It’s getting there, but there’s still a little too much reliance on answers from me.  Maybe by the final project!

In addition to teaching, I’m leading a committee through a redesign of the school website.  This has been a huge undertaking, and its nearing its conclusion.  When it’s done, I’ll let you all know.

Let me just say that spring break, and then summer, are going to be a huge relief!

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  1. Yeah… I’m still here! Good to hear you’re alive, too bad you were sick! I’m long overdue getting sick, but I hope it doesn’t happen. (on the other hand I’ve had back troubles, on & off, but that’s not the same as being “sick sick”)

  2. Writing takes time. It sometimes takes me an hour or so to write a short entry for my blog. If I posted every day I would lose a lot of time I do not have. Breaks are good. Things you should be doing get done. Just do not bail completely.

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