Looking forward

Now that the New Year is officially underway, it’s time to lay some groundwork for a productive year. I make the mistake that many people make when making resolutions. I want to do ALL THE THINGS! Which is a recipe for disaster. Your brain is like a muscle and retraining it takes time, building up little by little. In one book or article I’ve read recently, it was suggested that you add one thing a month, because it takes about a month to establish a new habit.

I’ve been batting around different ideas for where to start. I have an inclination to change my morning routine or start cleaning up ALL THE THINGS immediately. I did spend 20 minutes cleaning a corner and I’m glad it was only 20 minutes because I started to get overwhelmed. That’s what happens when you dive into a big thing without a plan or an end in sight. I rejected changing my morning routine because it’s already pretty tight. Basically, I have a cup of coffee while catching up on blogs, shower, dress, eat breakfast and then I’m out the door in just under an hour and a half. Part of me wants to get up a little earlier, but I know this is the most ingrained of my routines and it’s not horrible.

The biggest thing I want to tackle is getting our house into a more organized state. There are areas of our house that I look at and just cringe. That corner I mentioned. I got overwhelmed because I was like, well, crap, I need something to put this stuff in, and then a couple of things I was like, should I keep these? And I got all indecisive. But now that I’ve been away from it for 24 hours, I know what I want to do with that stuff.

The second thing I want to do is return to my habit of walking. So these two things I’m going to start tackling in January and I’m going to do it by changing my home from work routine. At some point after the school year started, maybe three or four weeks in, I started just coming home and collapsing instead of heading out for a walk. That’s easy to do because, of course, I’m exhausted some days and all I want to do is sit on the couch. But no more. I’m going to resist. I’m just going to do two things when I get home: go for a walk and clean for about 45 minutes. That’s the routine I’m going to try to establish. You will all know if it works out