Accountability, Realism, and Motivation

Yesterday, as I was walking in the bitter cold, I thought what a crazy idea it is to set resolutions involving the outdoors, heck, maybe anything, in the dead of winter.  The cold is not motivating (at least not for me).  But there I was, bundled up, and walking, because I promised myself I would, and now I’m telling a bunch of strangers on the internet. Because accountability.

I haven’t set my walking goals too high.  Over break, I aimed for 5,000 steps.  And right now, I’m aiming for 7500.  I’m being realistic about my motivation.  I can make myself walk, but if it’s 5 degrees out, chances are I’m not going to be motivated to walk very far.

Ditto for cleaning.  I can’t do it all in a day.  We’re tricked into this by tv shows that clean up a whole house in 48 hours, often with a remodel thrown in for good measure.  It’s important to recognize that doing even a little every day makes things better. So, yesterday, I cleaned for 15 minutes, but that netted me the dishes in the dishwasher and a super-clean bathroom cabinet.

On the cleaning motivation front, I’ve joined a small group of folks on Tumblr posting before and after pictures.  Not only do I feel the need to show some improvement, it’s also very motivating to see what others accomplish and that it’s often not perfect, but it looks way better.  And it’s nice to see that there are others who let things slide and can’t see their dining room table or their floor.  It makes me feel like I’m not the only one.

So, one work day in, it’s going okay.  I’ll keep trying to keep it real, stay motivated, and accountable as I go along.