Year End Review

Being in the digital world for me has meant having access to material from the past year ( or past almost 10 years).  I’ve often used this blog to settle arguments about what we were doing 5 years ago in March.  Which is kind of funny.  Before hitting the archives and past Facebook and Twitter feeds, I just wanted to think through what the year has entailed so far.

I started the year out by getting elected to the CSTA board, something I’ve enjoyed immensely so far.  I’ve met some great people and helped do some interesting work.  Spring was pretty much a blur, but I had an enjoyable summer, the best part of which was going camping with my family.  Finally, school got off to a great start.  I added two colleagues, bringing my 1-person department up to three, and I increased enrollments from 7 to 47.  Not too shabby.  The semester will end shortly after we return, and I’ll start a new class.  I’m looking forward to it!

The digital world captured some of what I was up to last year.  From Word Press, this data-filled retrospective.  Blogging was slow at times, indicating how busy I was.  My most popular post was What I’m Teaching When I’m Teaching Programming.  I spent a little more time on Facebook this year, posting mostly pictures from trips and time off, and taking a few random quizzes here and there.  There, my role in Sound of Music is documented, various dog pictures appear, and pictures of beer and sangria.  Don’t ask.

Speaking of pictures, I’m still putting stuff on Flickr.  Pictures of this year’s Italy trip as well as the summer camping trip are there.

Twitter, as always, remains the main way I connect with other teachers, primarily through various chats and hashtags.  I’m still running the #makered chat, though Andrew’s move to Korea has meant that I’m mostly on my own.  I’m approaching 2k followers and 20k tweets.  Quite something.

I’ve been experimenting with other social media.   I’ve used Pinterest for recipes and clothes, and I’m using Tumblr for tracking cleaning projects.  Every stream has a different purpose, I guess. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll start looking forward.  Tonight, I’m spending a relaxing evening at home with a little champagne and some binge tv watching.