Robots in love (and other robotic truths)

My CS I students are finishing up their first big projects.  It’s a pretty open-ended project that’s intended to have students use the skills and concepts they’ve learned over the last few weeks in a larger and more complex context.  I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the things they’ve come up with so far.  I’ve got a robot tour guide, a robot hide and seek project, an art museum docent/aspiring artist, several varieties  of word games, and a robot musical.

A popular project is the robot dance.  One might think that would generate boring are all the same kinds of projects, but it doesn’t.  Some of my students, even, are a little worried that they haven’t done enough, but I’ve assured them that they’re just fine.  Here’s just one example of the kind of thing they’ve done.  It really is super fun. (And sorry to my Twitter followers who’ve seen this!)