Looking back, moving forward

Every year, we all reflect on the previous year and look ahead to what the coming year might bring.  I have the benefit of seeing this process here on this blog, so I can see what I hoped for each year.  I tend to tackle the same things year after year: financial stuff, exercise, organization.  I always focus on the things I consider weakest, not on things that are already going well.  That can be frustrating, as most of those things take some serious willpower and/or reorganizing of my routine to begin working on it.  I have had some success over the years, but it definitely feels like one step forward, two steps back.

Earlier this year, I decided to tackle learning something new, playing the guitar.  And slightly later, I decided to relearn some French.  Both tasks fell by the wayside as the year got busy.  I felt like I was treading water just trying to get what had to get done done, much less adding in extra things.  This is just a busy year for me, work wise, and so I think realistically, I can’t add in too much.

That being said, I think part of why I want to add things in or improve things in my personal life is to give shape to my life outside of work.  I’m not content just coming home and lazing in front of the tv.  That is often my default mode when exhaustion sets in.  But I’m also not ambitious enough to have some really involved hobby that takes hours and hours every day or takes the whole weekend.

This year has been a great year for me on a professional front.  I’ve taken the work I’ve done to new levels and continue to feel invigorated and challenged by my work, both at school, and through my work with the CSTA.  That success has meant that I haven’t had as much room as I might have wanted to take on non-work challenges.  In some way, though, I need to find space for those.  I have some ideas, that I will reveal in the coming days.  For those of you with equally busy lives, I’d love to hear your strategies for nourishing different aspects of your life.  And for keeping all the balls in the air.  I’ll be thinking through my own.  And here’s to a relaxing end of the year and an energizing beginning to a new one.